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Welcome to Smartass Woodworking, my name is Christian. I have wanted to start a company for many years now and Covid gave me the time to figure out how to make a company work. I have been building projects for myself and family members for nearly 20 years. 


The goal of Smartass Woodworking is to make fine wood products ranging from small to large items. I make everything that I sell and do my best to make the items as nice as possible. All items that are currently for sale are made from solid hardwoods. 


Approximate dimensions


All items are made as close to the stated dimensions as possible. 

What is your returns policy?

All sales are final and products can't be returned.

Custom Projects?


All items for sale can be made in different sizes or use different woods. All custom projects will be given a quote and work will begin after the quoted price has been agreed to. 

I want something special?


Please fill out the custom project form and let me know what you want the final project to look like. If I can make it I will send you a quote. 

What finish is used?


Walrus Oil is used on all projects unless their description says otherwise. 

How do I track my order?


When the item ships the tracking number will be sent to you.

What are your delivery options?


Standard shipping is included in the sales price. 

Privacy Policy 

I will not sell any information that I receive from you. 


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